What is transformational coaching?


Steven O’Donoghue

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When we are looking to make a significant change in our lives, a profound personal change, it can sometimes be or at the very least appear to be, a kind of rebirth.

Some of the questions which may come to mind before a significant Upgrade in ones life are;

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is this (life) all about?

The transformation which is personal to us all will almost certainly have at least one of these questions behind it.

Essentially the question is the precursor to a road of self discovery through inner examination. It is the precursor to “your” transformation.

Transformational coaching can be a useful and impactful instrument to call upon to help the “person” understand themselves and the environment from which they primarily operate within. The coach seeks to guide the person to a deeper level within themselves to help answer the prodding questions which are associated with transformation.

There will be an ontological approach – which by the end of the coaching period, the client will have met “themselves” through a deeper existence. With such an understanding of “self” from this type of coaching – significant shifts in perspectives will evidentially occur, hence the name – transformational coaching. The client’s life will change forever.

Sometimes it is clear to a person that their life requires some kind of altering in order to Upgrade themselves from where they currently are, and the person will seek out new information to help create a change. Other times, a person can remain in a looping pattern, feeling stuck and frustrated – wanting change and transformation but not sure on what exactly it is they want! This causes more stress and anxiety within the person as frustration grows due to the lack of awareness of of understanding – ultimately, themselves!

All change comes from within.

And it is transformational life coaching which provides the toolkit necessary for a person to help create that transformation and upgrade.

“Upgrade me” was the first book I wrote which explains my own “inner Journey”, Struggles with alcohol and some life changing events. The introspection journey took me 5 years to complete, but this was done solely on my own – seeking out knowledge to understand things, to understand myself and how I have come to be! I still ride the wave of that introspective journey as it is an endless pit of self discovery and mastery over ones self and ones life.

The answers I found for myself have led me directly here – my purpose. this is my transformation.

Transformational coaching will help you – find your authentic self, release fears, stress and anxiety, find your purpose and live your ideal life.

Coaching is a fantastic way to find that inner spark to self generate self love, self care and compassion. As with most coaching – you will have actionable tools and techniques to see you through your journey and begin to incorporate these into your life from day one.

Transformational life coaching – creates change from within.

Let us know what you think – any questions on the blog or if you require more/further information understanding Transformational coaching, email me at; [email protected]

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