The Power Of the Heart To Influence Your Mindset

The Power Of the Heart To Influence Your Mindset


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Steven O’Donoghue


Our hearts are extremely powerful, more so than we have likely been taught in our traditional educational systems.

Learning how to access our hearts Intelligence is a key underpinning at Upgrade my mindsets.

Did you know, your heart sends more signals to your brain than your brain sends signals to your heart?

The quality of these signals can be down to a few factors, but none so more than your capacity to deal with stress.

A stressed heart is an erratic heart in the quality of the signals it sends to the brain, this has a massive impact on cortical function and our ability to “think” clearly.

Without the ability (to think clearly) to use the forefront of our brain’s neocortex, we have to rely on more habitual processes and parts of our brain which are less creative and more reactive.

To upgrade our mindset we must upgrade the value we place on our hearts and its Intelligence to influence our minds.

Once we align the heart and the brain our mindset is 10x more powerful.

Research has shown, the brain cortical function is increased when we are less stressed, emotionally resilient and in a state called “coherence”, a synergistic harmonious rhythm in the heart creating smooth signals between the heart and the brain.

You are a powerful majestic being with the ability to increase your capacity of what you deem to be a success, learning our techniques which are scientifically proven in over 400 peer-reviewed papers (on hearts Intelligence), we can help you access your limitless potential.

Some of the benefits of learning how to improve your mindset through the heart are;

  • increased ability to think clearly
  • Improved memory
  • Improved communication
  • Improved effectiveness and performance
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved overall mental health
  • Improved capacity to deal with stress
  • Improved emotional well being
  • Improved creativity
  • Improved outlook in life
  • Improved health and well being
  • Improved sleep

When a new mindset is required, remember it all starts with access into your hearts Intelligence.

Go with love,

Upgrade me mindset

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