The Power Of Choice and Self Awareness

The Power Of Choice and Self Awareness


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Steven O’Donoghue


It is estimated that the average person makes around 35,000 choices per day. Wow!

How many of those choices came to you today as a conscious and deliberate thought process?

What are the choices that brought you here?

Can you remember a lineal pattern of choices?

What is the ideal outcome of your day today?

Take a moment ( we aren’t going anywhere) and write down the answers to these few questions and see what pops up for you? Reflect on these.

Asking questions empowers us to get creative, to look for opportunities and solve problems. But ultimately, it’s what comes after which can have the biggest impact on our lives. The “choice” to “choose” the desired outcome!

How do we know the correct choice has been made? Well, sometimes we don’t need to know. Raising our awareness to the mere fact we have a “choice” puts us in a more commanding and empowered position than someone who consistently just reacts out of habit.

So becoming more self-aware (self-awareness) improves our ability to choose……. YES. And it improves our ability to see “choice”.

Be mindful of your first thoughts at the beginning of each day from when you first wake up, how are these thoughts setting the “tone” for your day?
Now, what about changing these thoughts? Self-awareness and choice right at the start of your day…… so what are you going to choose, the best “you” or the old “you”?

Have you ever thought about choosing an emotion? Our choices don’t always need to be things, places, people, jobs, careers, holidays etc. They can be internal choices, for us!

At upgrade me mindset we build your self-awareness and teach you the power of choice from a commanding position.

This will give you the building blocks to walk with confidence.

Learn to;

  • Build your emotional resilience
  • Build your self-awareness
  • Emotionally self regulate
  • Make clear and effective decisions
  • Effectively communicate
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Build strength and use the power to say no
  • Build strength and use the power to say yes
  • Live happily


Go with love,
Upgrade me mindset

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