The authentic “you”!


Steven O’Donoghue

What a great pleasure it is to know the greatest person on the planet! That person is you my friend, it is the authentic you.

The authentic you is a journey into the deepest parts of your being, it is an understanding of where you have come from, how you have come to be, accepting things that have gone before you and realising there is an inner truth to you which is stronger then all those experiences. Without those experiences there is no journey, but yet there is something more about this journey which stands before you in the mirror today, it is the authentic you. It is the new shining light which is ready to stand stronger in truth, harmony and balance to what is your passion.

What are you passionate about? Pause, reflect and answer!

The authentic you is now, it is time to shine your light and be in the presence of your greatest and most honourable passions, it serves to offer the world something unique.

Don’t sit back and wait, the time is NOW! If you are at this page, reading this gift of synchronicity it is a reminder that you are on the right track and you have something to offer the world – the authentic you!

Your heart is the key, it has a profound knowing which will vibrate through all the challenges and keep tugging and calling at you to make that change, to begin and act in accordance to your authentic self and show the world your gifts.

Love your life, wake up each day with an attitude of gratitude, keep your self on track and in the presence of your authentic self.

MY 5 TOP TIPS to being the authentic (best) you!

1: Set a goal which is aligned to your passion

2: Align yourself emotionally to that goal each and every morning for 30 days

3: Work on that passionate goal each and everyday – take some form of action which brings you closer!

4: Be conscious of that feeling you have when you are doing what you are most passionate about – Awareness of the present moment is fundamental.

5: The strongest emotional signature you have for your passion (love, gratitude, happiness, joy) carry that with you into each experience of the day, even the most smallest and mundane tasks can begin to be joyful. This is where you begin to find magic in your day!

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Go with love

Steven O’Donoghue

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