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Upgrade Me Mindset coaches you to become a better you. Empower yourself today, our training and information will lead to your transformation.

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Transformational Life Coaching

Working with Steven in one of his coaching packages will give you an ontological approach to life’s endeavours, transforming you from within! Dynamic, Impactful, Interactive, Inspiring, Motivating, Fun. Gain personal and professional development, new insights and a tool kit in your armoury to carry with you and use in any given situation.

Stress Management

Learn to cultivate a higher emotional energy state. Learn to train your heart and mind to work as one. Learn the techniques of emotional self-regulation to reduce stress. Learn the techniques of Mindfulness, Sleep better, Perform better, Live better.

Motivational Event Speaking

Book Steven today: Keynote motivation speaker to help you unleash the lion inside. Nothing is more rewarding than overcoming the obstacles placed by you in your own mind. Steven breaks down these barriers and challenges his audience to new ways of thinking. The art of mental toughness is Steven’s back story, overcoming self doubt and poor habitual behaviours and lifestyles choices gives audiences pause for thought, and more over, hope! If your dreams of the future need some “fire”, Steven shares passionately his love for life and the tools in his kit to get up and go (for it) Make the impossible - possible. 35% of any achievement is down to skill, talent and intelligence, 70% is down to your mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently our minimum sessions for one of our coaching programs is 4 weeks long. This should give you a good grounding and focus of where you want to be.

We offer each package to our clients as to what we feel would be most beneficial to them, this is generally discovered in an exploration call with our team.
Our coaching packages include, 4 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.

This will be a guided team effort in order to help you make the best decision which will give you the most impact in your life. We will have a 1-2-1 exploration call and find out exactly what it is you require, based on this we can advised you which package will give you the best results.

Get in contact with us, following our exploration call we can set you up on the next group package.

Coaching sessions will take place either over the phone or via a zoom session.

All bookings will take place over the phone and at the end of your exploration call.

Our times for coaching sessions are not fixed, so we have scope to be flexible in order to help benefit you most.

Yes, we run packages of 6-10 people.
This can have great benefits to someone’s self-development and transformation by creating what’s know as the “mastermind effect”


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