Giving at Christmas


Steven O’Donoghue

What to give our loved ones this Christmas can often be a headache, especially if you have a large amount of people to buy for. And with money issues, stress and anxiety can wreak havoc this time of year.

Im going to suggest something you may not have expected, give them YOU!

Wait, …. what? Give them me? What do you me I hear you say!

Ok, so if we truly want to GIVE this Christmas, let’s give our loved ones the passions which light our heart, let’s show our nearest and dearest “us” at our best. Show up and blow up (figuratively speaking).

If we can find the love within us to love ourselves truly, we can find our passions and when we find our passions we can find our purpose. This purpose is not linked to monetary values, status or grandeur. Its linked to our hearts, our exestential essence. This has wonder within it, its magical and mystical. The value is beyond monetary.

We should take time to reflect what this time of year is truly about, a traditional christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and as a mark of this celebration we gift each other something new. But we must not forget the art of giving at its core. The gift also has love placed within it whatever it may be (or at least it should), ultimately it’s a representation of our love at this time of year. We mark this annual event with a gift of love to our family and friends in what should be a celebration of Jesus’ birth. So if it is love that is at the core of giving, we should take note that any stress or anxiety over Christmas being a wash out due to any kind of lack, is our perceptions being guided towards that.


Take yourself out of that pressure, find yourself and love that person. Allow that person to flourish and show the world what truly lights you up.

Is it writing?

Is it singing?

Is it art?

Is it teaching?

Take this love for your passion and turn that into the gift of giving this Christmas. How much more love could you really show someone you care about other than giving them something which is YOU in expressional form. Write that letter of love from the heart, record that song, paint that painting, teach that subject you care about! Whatever it may be, harness that love for your passion and turn it into the gift you give with this Christmas, how truly special would that be?

If you are to purchase one thing this Christmas, purchase the love within your heart.

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