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Steven O’Donoghue

What does it take to get inspired, what inspires you?

I would like to share with you some of the things I do to keep up a good positive routine, which overall, keeps me inspired to do the things I love most.

I suppose doing the things you love should be what inspires all of us right? I mean, what are we doing if there isn’t any love involved? Wasting our time? Going through the motions? What would we actually be doing if there was no love in the formula?

Identify what it is you love, and I mean truly love and from here you can begin to get the routines, behaviours and emotions in place to make the things you love come to life.

So, what do I do. I love to write (hahah shocker), I love to keep fit, I love reading about my favourite subject’s and topic’s, I love to help and inspire people, I love to walk in the woods, I love to meditate and centre my being, I love to share the knowledge and experiences I have to give hope to others.

All of these things I love to do, but what is it exactly that inspires me to do them, what stops me from just sitting there and bing watching Netflix?

My routines, my behaviours and in some part, discipline. This is what continually keeps me doing what I love, yes I have days where I would rather not exercise, and to be honest that is perfectly fine also. We are not robots and shouldn’t attempt to perform tasks continuously like one. It’s OK to just chill and watch TV. Although I steer clear of watching “the news”, that really does suck the life out of you. And here at Upgrade me mindset, we are all about life affirming qualities, behaviours and mindsets.

Let me give you my top five routines which best serve me, hopefully you can use these and make them work for you too.

  • Get up at a decent hour and start the day early, to make your dreams truly come to life – you need to be AWAKE not asleep hahaha.
  • Centre you mind and your attitude at the beginning of the day to help position you in a positive mood. I like to do this in mediation (we teach these techniques in our programmes).
  • Embody the feeling of the positive mood, actually feel it and make it you entire “BEING”.
  • Listen to at least one thing which makes you feel inspired, a podcast, some music, nature, whatever gets you feeling Buzzed – DO THAT!
  • Remain OPEN! Open to new idea’s, new opportunities, new information. Creativity is best supported with one’s intuition, so remain open to the possibility of something new happening in your day, it will give you a surprise.

Getting inspired doesn’t always lay away from us, we don’t need to outsource it or wait for it. We should be our own greatest source of inspiration.

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And one final last piece of inspiration;

“It alway seems impossible until it’s done”, Nelson Mandela.

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