Empowering Yourself With Questions

Empowering yourself with questions

What do I need for success today?


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Steven O’Donoghue


Ultimately, success is defined by the individual, acquiring this never ending and sometimes elusive desire can be draining and stressful.
The impact on our physical, mental and emotional health can have us feeling pulled apart and overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you, is this familiar?

The first step towards success as defined by an individuals goals, values and standards are to get clear on what the outcome is which reflects back “success”.

Then ask the simple but EMPOWERING question;
What do I need for success today?

When this question is asked alongside a clear vision of intent towards a desired goal or outcome, what we actually doing is commanding (self-command) our brains to be creative and look for opportunities.

Creativity activates positive biochemistry within our body’s, this will become a stimulus of positive thinking and positive feeling, a feedback loop to generate more free-flowing ideas in abundance.
Happiness, joy and excitement are often the byproducts, generating and connecting new neural circuitry in the brain.

Success as mentioned is different for everyone, essentially it comes down to the individuals level of contentment.
One person may be very content living according to small virtues and values, others may need to get through the day battling poor habitual behavioural patterns (they wish to change), drinking, smoking, gambling, short temper, acting out of fear or anxiety etc. And others may need a high level of significance from their careers or material pleasures.
Each of these examples come with their own pitfalls, problems and stress to the individual over time.

Where are you on the spectrum of contentment?

What level of stress shows up in your life trying to reach this level of contentment?

No matter where you are at, you can always start your day with, “what do I need for success today”?

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