Stop chasing your dreams


Steven O’Donoghue

So I could say I am sitting her drinking a nice coffee in a sunlit Starbucks, living my dream, working when I want and earning so much money I can barely stand up straight when my wallet is in my back pocket. But I’m not!

In fact, I’m sitting on my sofa in my PJ’s inspired by the fact I can choose to do something different right now, other than just sit on the sofa that is. Kids are getting ready for bed and very soon, il have to pause on this to take them to up as it’s my turn to do the “putting the kids to bed” shift. living my dream!


Ok I’m back. Let’s do this.

I feel extremely grateful to be able to simply just write these words, the reason for this is, I am my dreams? Are you? This is not blow my own trumpet time, this is inspire “YOU” time.

Chasing your dreams, what does this even mean? I’m sure you have some movie image in your head as we speak which defines the possibilities of your dreams and success. But let’s get real, outside of the movies no one should actually chase their dream’s. Instead, we should learn to live them.

What!!!! I hear you say? How can I live my dreams if they are not here right now?

The dream should not be in the destination or some place or something. Not entirely anyway. The dream is the inspiration which lies within your heart. It is always there, it does not lay outside of you. Ok, let me say it this way, my dream as a kid wasn’t to be sitting on my sofa after a long days graft writing words on a computer screen. It’s the feeling for which this creates that makes this my dream. Happiness, contentment, gratefulness, connection and purpose.

There is a big grandeur of an illusion in play, and that is dreams are nice and great, but unattainable. The belief of that singular moment which “creates” the dream as a reality is always so far fetched it creates “the chase”, the chase of the dream. And if this singular moment isn’t “reached” the dream is null and void.

The dream is now! Forgive the pun, but WAKE UP.

Stop waiting for something. You are all you need. You really are.

One of my biggest lessons I teach as a coach is learning how to live from the heart. This is the seat of all your dreams, the visions may be created in your minds eye but they were born from the stimulus of the hearts love and passion for something. And it is these passions and loves you must learn to create daily to live your dreams. Forget the singular greatness of one future moment, be the love for your dream right NOW! Be the happiness your dream creates right NOW!

Living in the now, with the idea of your dreams as “THE NOW”, generates inspiration to carry out the necessary tasks which gives you the feedback of the experience which says to you, I’m living my dream.

We all have this ability, this is not some esoteric thing.

So that feeling you get when you are whole and complete, what is it that creates that? Do that right now! You are now living your dream.

The “dream” is the feeling, the heart centred feelings which uplift you. This is what your illusionary dream of the future would do, no? Yes of course it would, problem is, you have to wait to get there. So what is it right NOW which makes you feel that love, that joy, that happiness, connection or wholeness. Do that!

Do you see how simple living your dream can be, we don’t need to overcomplicate it, put big shiny obstacles on it or tart it up to something more, and we certainly don’t need to chase them.

And indeed, if there is a long term goal you wish to reach. It is by being the person which is in that future event on a daily basis (consistency) which draws that event to you. But, don’t forget the love in each moment which is being generated, in other words, the dream isn’t the event, it is the whole journey.

Embrace your journey from the heart and live your dreams right NOW.

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