Chasing a plastic bag in a storm!


Steven O’Donoghue

August has come and gone, September is here and the kids are going back to school! Is it just me or did summer just pass us by? I certainly noticed the temperature dipping. Good old British summer time is expected to be here officially until the 22nd of September. Maybe a few warm sunny days still to bless us yet.

The last quarter of the year and it’s time to gain some momentum for the last few ideas we have, it’s time to bring our goals to fruition and polish of the year with a smile. Take a moment here and really think what makes you smile, what has made you smile, what’s going to make you smile?

So, Did you smile? hahahah! I sure did.

I bet you used a happy memory with a close family or friend to help you relive that moment which makes you smile. So many different scenarios make us smile, pets doing silly things, pets being loving, our kids telling us they love us, being on a fairground ride, its endless ….. and so is our imagination.

The end of the year will draw in fast, and I’m here to tell you that in 4 months your can achieve a lot! it doesn’t have to be the start of the year, it doesn’t have to be during the best weather, it doesn’t have to be when things around you are perfect. It can just be right now.

Open up those curtains in the morning, come sunshine or rain, keep that outlook from deep within your spirit alive. These next 4 months are going to pass anyway, so why not get going on the dreams and goals you have long desired. There is no perfect time, there really isn’t, there’s just NOW!

Let’s get specific!

I would like to invite you to recognise that time is going to pass, and sometimes it goes by barely noticeably. And you can be the creator of this time. Here is some ideas to help support you in your endeavours, be courageous in your imagination and see what pops up for you and strive for it.

Get into a flow: Being in a state of flow for your dreams, goals and desires. Align yourself in the coming days to support your plan. This will be one of your biggest drivers. Don’t chase plastic bag’s in a storm, its pointless. You will flow better when you stay away from drama’s and hostility.

Support for your body: Give yourself plenty of rest at night, a full 8 hours sleep if possible. This will support you mentally and physically, it will help you run optimally throughout the day and increase your productivity.

Give your body good sources of nutrition throughout the day, fruit and vegetable, plenty of water. We all have different takes on this, but supporting your body with the above is a very good immune system booster. Fit them in where you can.

Support your mind: Be patient and compassionate towards yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Positive self talk is what you want to be observing, too much negativity can cause stress in our body and increase the ratio of the hormone cortisol in your body, this can have a massive impact on performance and health overall, as well as lowering the the immune system defences.

Connect with your Heart and support yourself Emotionally: Try and make a conscious effort to smile on the last quarter of the year, it doesn’t have to be drawing to a close, winters here kind of attitude. It can be the beginning of your new journey whichever that maybe. It can start right now, today. And you will find connecting to the heart a great tool. Just recall a memory of some kind and bring it to your attention so deeply you can feel it, watch your heart feel with the emotional memory of that memory, be it love, happiness, joy, kindness, appreciation, gratitude and so on. This will also support you for getting into the flow!

Go with love,

Upgrade me mindset

Steven O’Donoghue

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