Be a leader for a day?

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How can we encompass more promising skills for our own self development and growth? Try being a leader for a day! It is time we take forth the direction we wish to go in and empower ourselves with the capabilities we were innately endowed with. What exactly am I getting at here? So often we […]

Stop chasing your dreams

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So I could say I am sitting her drinking a nice coffee in a sunlit Starbucks, living my dream, working when I want and earning so much money I can barely stand up straight when my wallet is in my back pocket. But I’m not! In fact, I’m sitting on my sofa in my PJ’s […]

Getting inspired

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What does it take to get inspired, what inspires you? I would like to share with you some of the things I do to keep up a good positive routine, which overall, keeps me inspired to do the things I love most. I suppose doing the things you love should be what inspires all of […]

Chasing a plastic bag in a storm!

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August has come and gone, September is here and the kids are going back to school! Is it just me or did summer just pass us by? I certainly noticed the temperature dipping. Good old British summer time is expected to be here officially until the 22nd of September. Maybe a few warm sunny days […]

Do you want to know how to succeed? Mindset…..

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Long term sustainable change is gained from this powerful tool, available to all but understood by few. For example, do you know why most of us “fail” in our pursuit of losing weight and diet change, it’s really simple! Our mindset is simply not attuned to the person who is envisaged. People try to change […]

Welcome To Upgrade Me Mindset

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Welcome to our brand new website. Here we will be presenting our ideas and new ways you can upgrade your mindset. Stay tuned!