Be a leader for a day?


Steven O’Donoghue

How can we encompass more promising skills for our own self development and growth? Try being a leader for a day!

It is time we take forth the direction we wish to go in and empower ourselves with the capabilities we were innately endowed with.

What exactly am I getting at here? So often we take a back seat and allow others to control of our day, little things such as, our health – hahaha, not so little! Being a leader in your own life and taking the reins will give you the power to make decisions on things such as your health. Do I go to the gym today or do I stay home? Do I raid the biscuit tin or do I get an apple to snack on? Do I pour a glass of water for dinner or do I down a can of coke?

Leadership on this is what’s required, if you’re not leading your life, are you following the ideals of someones else’s?

What is it I need to do to take a lead on my life?

Inspiring minds to take up the role of a leader will have a dramatic effect on ones life as an individual, but imagine the effects of a strongly lead community. One of the most innately endowed and most life enhancing gifts we have as humans is “choice”. The second most life enhancing gift we have as humans is, “direction of choice”. Otherwise know as, conscious awareness.

So we have;

1: Choice

2: Direction of choice

The “awareness” of choice is a cut above the standard model of “choice” or just choosing. Being aware of choice is a highly cultivated skill, it only takes a small amount of stress to throw us off this awareness of choice, and it is in this state of stress and/or anxiety, all of a sudden choice has disappeared. We are now in reaction mode. Our leadership is lost.

So, to be a leader for a day get inspired. Wake up and tell yourself, “I am the leader”, “I am leading my life today”. Sit with this and allow it to embody you, and take over you. This will elevate you emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is your first choice to act in such a way, you are being a conscious creator of your day through the awareness of choice. Now elevate this awareness to all that you do, be aware of all of the options available to you, open your heart and open your mind and see the choices, this is true leadership. For what you do for yourself you give permission to others to do the same, you will set the examples in your household, your workplace, your community. BE A LEADER FOR A DAY.

The best love is self love, and that is what we can all do as a choice. Create the awareness, watch your internal thoughts as you guide yourself through the day, then watch your outer environment for feedback and “choice” opportunities.

When I learned the skill of “creating awareness” (being conscious and aware of all things in my inner and outer environments) I created opportunities for myself to develop beyond my current self. For example, It might be you notice someone who is in line with your current way of thinking towards a goal, whereas before you may not of noticed this person because you was “busy” with other internal metrics you had to calculate in your mind to navigate your day, your openness and awareness creating has now allowed you to see this opportunity. This is you being a leader.


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