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"Your life is yours and yours alone, but your mind makes it so."

- Steven Odonoghue
About Upgrade Me Mindset

How it all started.

The birth of Upgrade Me Mindset was brought about by its founder, Steven O’Donoghue, who carefully deconstructed his life and way of living to give rise to his most authentic nature and being. In his first book, “Upgrade Me” released in December 2020, Steven shares his desire to change, his pitfalls and the tools to help motivate the new and aspiring creators of the world to keep their dreams alive.

Qualified institution of heartmath coach qualified life coach, book writer, business creator and entrepreneur. “As I sat there one day, embarking on my journey of growth and change, I asked said to myself, I wish I could change in such a way it would be a form of upgrade, and just like a light bulb moment, upgrade me sprung to mind, yes this is it I thought” And it sparked a passion for personal self-development so strong Steven found what is often spoken of these days, – his authenticity! Spiritually awakened, mentally revitalised, Emotionally enriched and physically enhanced, it was time to share to the world the gifts and love of Upgrade Me Mindset.

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Our brand.

Black and white theme – everything in life should be made simple and clear, and in this black and white themed logo we are giving representation to the yin and yang sign, opposing opposites, principles and energies, how we show up in life can sometimes be just this – dark and light energies representing positive and negative, all of which should be fully embraced for true self-developmental to occur. Our brand stands for balance.

A semi-circle surrounds the head – this represents our own bodily magnetic energetic field. This magnetic field extends out beyond our bodies for up to two meters, this energetic magnetic field has been shown to carry our emotional information, our brand stands for putting the love (hence the heart symbol) into this emotionally charged magnetic field. Extending your greatness and love beyond your physical body.
Centralised head – creating the mindset we so desire for sustainable long-lasting change; we should keep our minds in “focus”.

A combination of our emotional hearts and mindful(ness) attention will place us on the path of greater awareness, this awareness will lead to transformation. Our brand stands for focus.

Meet Steven O’Donoghue

Description about Steve.

Hi, I’m Steve

And what I find excites me the most in life is being in accordance and balance with my life purpose. And this is it, I am passionate about helping people transform their lives and helping them gain clarity on issues they are finding difficult to resolve.
I discovered what I like to call my life purpose after doing some deep inner transformation of my own, and it was from this deep introspection that I found a path and way out of my own life’s troubles.
Instantly I was rewarded with this intrinsic inner knowing that this is where I am supposed to be, helping others achieve their goals, find their purpose in life and transform on such a level that they themselves can flourish.

My biggest and deepest qualification on this subject is my own deep inner knowing, I have shared this in my first published book called Upgrade Me, where I communicate authenticity about difficult subjects to which people can relate.

I have part taken and qualified as;

  • Life coach – new skills academy
  • Mindfulness course- new skills academy
  • Heartmath coach – institute of HeartMath.
  • Heartmath Facilitator – Institute of Heartmath


I have a deep understanding of the human heart and brain as a powerful mechanism to provide long term sustainable change in someone’s life. This is an education which I believe passionately for as a great life skill which should be taught to all.

With 10 years experience of in life transformation skills, I could not be happier than to share this gift every day in helping others.

Steven O’Donoghue

Company Director